Guadalest Valley

An area of outstanding natural beauty

Guadalest Valley not only holds the beautiful town of El Castell de Guadalest but also features some stunning and breathtaking scenery. The valley is one of the most photogenic of Alicante's provinces. The valleys are green and lush with tall peaks and deep valleys. The CV70 winds its way round the Guadalest Valley and offers such beautiful and stunning views that will take your breath away.

The valley starts at Polop de Marina and continues to Callosa d'En Sarria where you can turn off to the Fonts del Algar waterfalls. Of-course you can also reach the town of Guadalest, perched on a rocky crag above terraced orchards and a reservoir.

The Guadalest river has led to abundant springs around the Valley leading to fertile land. The mountains that provide shelter on all sides of the valley have created a micro-climate of sorts ideal for the wide range of fruit trees that have grown here for centuries.

The lower slopes hold oranges and loquats and these give way to almonds. In the Spring time the hillside is a sea of pink blossom.

After the almonds are olive trees and these melt into pine and mountain shrubs. At this point (the Puerto de Ares) a new valley opens.

Map of Guadalest Valley

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