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Product: Rosetta Stone Spanish

Product Details

Rosetta Stone is named after the famous stone tablet discovered in 1799 which gave archaeologists the key to understanding the language of the ancient Egyptians.

Rosetta Stone Language learning software uses a unique teaching system called Dynamic Immersion. This mimics the way in which your brain learns a new language.

It teaches you to relate what you see and hear to familiar, real-life images and situations.

The software remembers language you initially find difficult and then keeps re-presenting it until it is remembered with ease.

Actual Consumer Feedback

The following are actual customer reviews of Rocket Spanish.

"I give the product 5-stars for its usefulness and effectiveness, but the price is 3-stars. So I'll average it out to 4-stars. Muito obrigado!" Mike NY

"Rosetta Stone is an excellent product. I have used other language learning products and Rosetta Stone is the best by far. It moves quickly and builds upon itself in a logical manner. I recommend it to anyone who asks." Patrick Hayes

"If you’re willing to put in the hours you can definitely use RosettaStone to teach yourself a foreign language and nail pronunciations." A Review From

Product Overview

A CD-Rom based learning software that is accompanied by MP3 and CD-player downloads.

There are different levels of products to choose from so you can choose the level applicable to you.

It has speech recognition software aimed to perfect your pronunciation.

Designed to be easy to use and set up so that anyone can use it.

On the negative side the high price means that it is prohibitive to some people but I still highly recommend this program if your budget can stretch to it.

Ideal for all levels of Spanish learners but really for those who want to take their Spanish to a good level.

I would not recommend this product for you if you want to learn a few Spanish phrases for your summer holiday!

Product Summary

Author: Rosetta Stone Software
Product Specs: CD-Rom and can be supported on an MP3 player / CD-player
Price: Ranges from £169 - £379 depending on the level of Spanish you wish to learn
Format: Mac and PC
Return Policy: 6 Month money Back program

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