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Alicante is a thoroughly modern Mediterranean city. Located within the cracking Costa Blanca area of Spain (on the South East), the city has something for everyone.

From the stunning coast to the imposing backdrop of the Alicante mountains to the historic rambling Castillo de Santa Barbara (medieval castle), the city and its surrounding areas will captivate and charm you. This region is a welcoming, friendly, typically Spanish City just waiting for you to discover its many treasures!

If you are arriving by aeroplane take the time to look out of the window as you come into land at the Airport. The dazzling blue sea set against the rugged coastline will set your heart racing. Just before landing let your eyes take in the long, lazy sandy beaches. These are a draw not only to the tourists but the Spanish people too.


Castillo de Santa Barbara - Turret

Alicante was founded by the Romans, who called it 'Lucentum', the City of Light. This name still holds true today. The daytime brings glorious sunshine. The night time sees a different light, the City is lit up beautifully and if you are in the city during a festival celebration then consider yourself very lucky!


View of Polop, Alicante

In the Costa Blanca there are many other tourist destinations within a short distance which one can travel to.

Hiring a car allows you to truly explore and discover the beautiful scenery. Drive out into Spain and the contrast of the remote mountainous terrain with the hustle and bustle of tourist areas will soon become apparent.

We have put together some in depth information about car rental in order to help you find the best car rental company for you.

Something for everyone

I said above that Alicante is welcoming and it truly is. From the moment you land at the Airport to the moment you leave, you will be welcomed with open arms!

When you have children organising a holiday can be difficult. Alicante has something for families with young children through to families with teenagers.

Activities in Alicante

For those travellers that are in the wiser years of their life, the Costa Blanca has something for you as well. It is actually extremely popular with the older generation, especially in the winter. The warm, pleasant winter climate is attractive to those who have retired and are looking for a calmer, stress free, warmer and sunnier winter.

Who am I?

My family and I are regular travellers to the Costa Blanca! My husband and I and our two children (aged 14 and 6) love the area! We have traveled to the region for many years. The aim of this website is to pass on our experiences to you and to truly add value to your holiday! My parents have now moved to the Alicante region and they have also added their 'voice' to the site, bringing you even more information from the perspective of living in the area.

Whatever your requirements are we hope you find our website informative and fun!

Are you visiting soon? Or are you thinking about booking a holiday in the Costa Blanca?

Do you need Alicante car hire? Do you want more information on reputable car hire companies?

Looking for a luxury hotel or budget accommodation?

Want information on Alicante Airport - including buses and taxis?

Where are our favourite beaches, restaurants and shops?

Please feel free to roam around www.discover-alicante.com and find the answers to your questions!

Please also feel free to send us your comments or your stories about Alicante and the Costa Blanca or any experiences good or bad that you would like to share and help others. These will be viewable in the 'Your Stories' section of this site very soon.

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Alicante Airport Guide
A guide to the Alicante Airport. Including which airlines fly into Alicante, what to expect at the airport and tips for a successful holiday.

Alicante Car Rental
When you land in the beautiful Costa Brava you will need a car to get you around. We look at Alicante Car Rentals....

Driving in Spain
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Moving to Spain
My parents moved to Spain over 8 years ago. Read their (sometimes hilarious) story of their ups and downs here.

Learn Spanish
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Alicante City Guide
An essential guide for tourists in Alicante.

Costa Blanca Markets
A guide for the local markets in Costa Blanca.

Alicante Museums
Immerse yourself in the history of this ancient Spanish city. Go check out some of the museums Alicante has to offer.

Apartment to Rent in Bonalba
Looking for a golf break, a week in the sun or a long winter in the Spanish sun, rent an apartment in the suburbs of Alicante.

Property for sale
Some great properties for sale in La Nucia in the Costa Blanca.

Alicante Architecture
Visiting the Alicante architecture is a sure way to take in the history of Alicante. The buildings are monuments to the past. Marvel at the Baroque and the renaissance style of architecture that has built Alicante.

Alicante Beaches
The Alicante beaches have something for everyone and they are each unique in their own way. See our favourite Alicante Beaches here ...

Tabarca Island Alicante
Discover the beautiful marine reserve That is Tabarca Island in Alicante. Visit here for an adventurous day out or a weekend away. Calm tranquility awaits you.

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