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We Review 4 Learn Spanish Products

Whatever your reasons are to learn Spanish they will differ from someone else's and the way you learn will differ from others as well. It is because of this that there are now so many Learn Spanish programs to choose from. So when it comes to learning Spanish it can get quite confusing.

Firstly you need to decide the following;

  • What level of Spanish you wish to reach?
  • Then you need to decide on which media suits you best?
  • Should you learn from a book?
  • What are CD/DVD courses like? Were you aware that you can now learn Spanish from courses that are instantly downloadable and interactive?

I Have Done The Research Already

I, like you, have recently decided to learn Spanish and undertook a huge amount of research before I decided on purchasing a learn Spanish online program.

Rather than keep all this information I discovered to myself I decided that I will put it up here on Discover-Alicante so that other people can take advantage of my research.

I whittled my list down to 4 'learn Spanish' products. The products I was left with can be split into two categories. The first two products reviewed here are at the higher end of the market and the second two are more for learning Spanish at a basic level.

Rocket Spanish Review - my number 1 choice

Rocket Spanish Language

Rocket Spanish has been developed to remove the frustration and difficulty from learning Spanish.

It has been developed by Mauricio Evlampieff, an enthusiastic instructor and Amy Waterman, a Spanish language specialist. Spanish is taught in a fun way, you participate in audio lessons, games and even the way grammar lessons are taught make it pain free.

This product is at the high end of the 'Learn Spanish' market. It is excellent for beginners and would suit those wanting to take their Spanish to a higher level.

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Rosetta Stone Review

Rosetta Stone is named after the famous stone tablet discovered in 1799 which gave archaeologists the key to understanding the language of the ancient Egyptians.

Rosetta Stone Language learning software uses a unique teaching system called Dynamic Immersion. This mimics the way in which your brain learns a new language.

It teaches you to relate what you see and hear to familiar, real-life images and situations.

The software remembers language you initially find difficult and then keeps re-presenting it until it is remembered with ease.

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LingoBasics Review

LingoBasics Spanish Language

LingoBasics is a budget online Spanish learning program. LingoBasics claims it can teach you Spanish in 30 days flat. It claims you will be able to hold a conversation with a Spaniard in 30 days.

This product has been written by James Cooper, a foreign language specialist

He claims that he has done all the hard work for you

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Surefire-Spanish Review

Surefire Spanish Language

The author David Rivera approaches learning about Spanish slightly differently. He claims that he won’t just teach you how to learn Spanish but will also teach you memorization tips and techniques that help you learn Spanish in half the time you would expect and he promises to make learning Spanish fun, fast, and easy.

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In the end I personally opted for Rocket Spanish and so far I have been really pleased with the program.

If you are interested in learning Spanish yourself do take a look at all the products because you may find one of the others better suits your needs.

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