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The first stage is to look for a competitive quote however you need to be extremely careful about the cheapest quotes. We have received emails wishing they had read the info here before diving straight in. Hiring a car can be stressful, especially if you don't have any trust in the car hire company. Don't forget to add all the individual costs as this could easily double the cost of car hire alone. See below for more details. Don't be caught out ! Make sure you check out the hints and tips.

This section is dedicated to helping you find out more about Alicante car hire.

The majority of people searching for car rental in Alicante are wanting to hire a car from the airport and there are many to choose from.

See below for some information about costs you need to look out for and be aware of.

1) Be aware of the terms and conditions of the rental company you are booking with.

2) You may be required to pre-pay for a full tank of petrol and return the car with an EMPTY tank of petrol.

3) You may be required to buy additional insurance to cover the 'third party liability insurance excess fee'. If you don't purchase this you may be asked to leave a deposit.

4) Dont' forget, car seats or boosters will cost extra per day.

5) As will an additional driver. Check the details for this cost

We hope you find a great deal on your Alicante car hire and that you have a fabulous time in Alicante.

The pages cover the following;

How to get the cheapest quote possible from the Alicante Car Hire Company

The quickest way to book your Car Hire and when to do it. So that you can capture the best available price.

The additional costs that the Car Hire Companies will try and add to your quote.

How some customers are paying for an Insurance that they already have and how to avoid this.

Be prepared to wait. Chances are there are quite a few of you on the same plane that are hiring a car from the same place.Its the final stage before you can get started on your holiday and the children and more than likely hungry, tired and grumpy at this stage.

I hope you find the information useful. If you do, please visit us again. We are constantly adding new information to the site!

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