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This Tranquil and Beautiful Marine Reserve Awaits you

Tabarca Island Alicante

Tabarca Island, Alicante is an island where adventure meets the sun worshipper!

The island is the largest island in a small group (archipelago) of islands known as the 'Islote de la Cantera'. Tabarca Island itself is a protected marine reserve and it is this that draws the scuba divers and snorkellers who swim amongst the vast numbers of fish and marine life that surround this little island.

Why visit Tabarca Island ?

Tabarca Island Scuba Diving

To enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving,

Tabarca Island Marine Life

To see the abundant Marine Life

Tabarca Island Beaches

Sunbathe at the beautiful beach and why not try 'cove-jumping',

Tabarca Island Beaches

For the delicious food at the numerous seafood restaurants,

Tabarca Island History

To walk around the island, view the historic buildings that have been left by the previous inhabitants and learn about the history of Tabrca Island. 18th Century pirates once inhabited this island, who were closely followed by prisoners from Tunisia.

Tabarca Island Hotels

Stay overnight in one of the hotels on the island.

Island of Tabarca, Alicante Information

The island is 1750 meters long, with a maximum breadth of 300 meters and it is absolutely flat. It is unique because it is the only island that is inhabited on the Alicante coast. The western end is remote, yet in stark contrast the eastern end is populated by the village of Nova Tabarca, which homes a small population of 100 people. The beach is small which the port backs onto. Coves are plentiful around the island and the waters are calm.

As you can imagine this island is very, very popular during the summer season. It is a mecca for everyone from the young to the old because it offers so much for the adventourous tourist.

Fact: The island is part of a small archipelago made up of the islets La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao

The main activity of the local population is related to fishing and tourism becomes the main income of the island during summer, especially during July and August.

Getting To Isla de Tabarca - Information

Lying approximately 8 nautical miles (15 km) south southeast from Alicante and 5 nautical miles (9 km) east south east from Santa Pola this island can be accessed by one of the designated ferries leaving Santa Pola, Alicante or Torrevieja on a daily basis. They cost around 14 - 20 euros for a return trip.

If you want to know how to get to the Island of Tabarca from Alicante then the timetable is as follows:

Ferry Operator Barco Kontiki - +34 965 216 396 or +34 686 994 538

From Alicante Marina:

Journey time: approx. 1 hour.

From October to May Thursdays-Saturdays and Sundays
Departures from Alicante 11 am
Return from Tabarca 5 pm
From June to September + Easter Every Day
Departures from Alicante 10.30 am - 11.15 am, 12.30 pm - 3.30 pm
Return to Alicante from Tabarca 2.30 pm - 5 pm, 6 pm - 7 pm

If you are leaving from one of the other ports I suggest contacting the tourist information for further information or calling the following telephone numbers:

SANTA POLA - TABARCA Baeza-Parodi 30 min +34-965411113
GUARDAMAR -Santapola- TABARCA 1 hour +34-966702122
TORREVIEJA - TABARCA Tabardo 75 min +34-966702122

Information for Parents

It is possible to take buggies / prams out to the Island and we think it is suitable for all ages. Do take travel sickness tablets for your children in case you discover on this journey that they suffer from sea sickness and do take all your nappy supplies, nappy sacks and baby food for them. Make sure you have plenty of water. Plastic shoes for the sea, whether you will be paddling, swimming or cove jumping, you and your children will need them!

My advice to you is this, if you don't want to spend a lot of money on the day then I would advise you take a cool box with a packed lunch. Remember there aren't too many restaurants on the island and visitors are a "captive audience" so to speak, if you want to eat on the island be prepared to pay!

Information for Visitors with Reduced Mobility

There are a few facilities here for the disabled and if you are in a wheelchair you will find the terrain in some places quite difficult.

Tabarca Island Alicante Tourist Information Telephone number +34-902100910

Further information on Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island Beach
Tabarca Island Marine Reserve
Tabarca Island History
Tabarca Island Restaurants
Tabarca Island Hotels

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