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Alicante City receives thousands of tourists a year yet remains a truly Spanish City. Alicante is situated in the curve of a bay and the city skyline is dominated by the ruins of Castillo de Santa Barbara positioned on the summit of Monte Benecantil.

Alicante is the second largest City in the Valencia region and the fourth wealthiest province in Spain. As a Spanish city it has everything you would expect; an interesting and varied history, year round mild climate, beautiful beaches and a city with its own way of life. The streets are where the world of the tourists and the City workers collide, one easily identifiable from the other. Tourists visiting this captivating city have plenty to see and do.

Marina and Castle

A good first stop is Castilo de Santa Barbara. Take the lift (small fee) from the Paseo de Gomez or Playa del Postiguet and you will be transported into history! You can stand at the top of the castle and see the whole of Alicante stretch out before you. This is a good way of orientating yourself and your surroundings. You can see old Alicante, shaded plazas, the Marina, the port and the beaches , the bullring - everything!

Castle City Guide

At the base of Monte Benecantil are the old streets which originate in the 19th century. The Barrio Santa Cruz district, originally the Muslim part of town, contains some of the oldest buildings and some atmospheric tapas bars.

There are some wonderful Alicante walks through and around the City. We have suggested some beautiful walks for you to really take in the atmosphere and different areas of Alicante City.

old buidings in alicante

On these walks you can take in the Alicante Museums, Alicante Architecture and Alicante Parks.

If you feel that all that walking is too much for your feet or if you have reduced mobility the Alicante Tour Bus may be your preferred option.

an alicante street

Walking along the shaded streets of Alicante is a fascinating experience. You can be surrounded by the past, turn a corner and you are very much in the present. This is a city where churches were built on Mosques (eg Santa Maria) and their Arab history is evident - if you know where to look.

If you are interested in Alicante History, read up on the diverse historical information I have put together before you visit and try and do a walk through the old town of Alicante to make it all come alive. Don't forget that the Postwar decade saw a military dictatorship under Franco and it took until the 1950's for the Spanish economy to really recover.

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