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Whilst Alicante is blessed with wonderful beaches, restaurants and is surrounded by many other interesting places to visit on the Costa Blanca itself, sometimes you just want to step off the 'tourist train' and immerse yourself in the culture and heritage of Alicante instead.

Alicante is a vibrant and exciting city and the history of Alicante itself is no different. There are several interesting and educational Alicante museums that you can visit from contemporary art through to an archeological site that dates from the Roman times.

Alicante Museum Visiting Tips

Water Museum in Alicante

Before you visit a museum do check the opening hours. All have siesta time and the opening hours differ in Summer from Winter and some are closed Mondays and Sundays. You can check the opening hours here or you can check at the Tourist Office when you arrive in Alicante.

Make sure you take plenty of water with you. Walking from museum to museum, or around Alicante can be hot and thirsty work.

I have listed the Alicante museums based on their location, so if the mood takes you, you can visit other Museums close by.

  • Museo Alicantino de Arte Contemoraneo / MACA Contemporary Art Museum
  • Museo de Belenes / Nativity Scene Museum
  • Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina / MUBAG Gravina Fine Arts Museum
  • Alicante Water Museum

Central Alicante

Museo las Hogueras / Fogueres Festival Museum


  • Museo Taurino / Bullfighting Museum

North East

  • Museo Arqueologico de Alicante / MARQ Provincial Archaeology Museum
  • Lucentum Archaeological Site

a nativity museum

A Nativity Museum

Museums in Alicante
Museo Alicantino de Arte Contemoraneo
Museo de Belenes
Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina
Alicante Water Museum
Museo las Hogueras
Museo Taurino
Museo Arqueologico de Alicante
Lucentum Archeological Site

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