Alicante Parks and Gardens

Complete Guide on Parks and Gardens in Alicante

Being a tourist can be hard work, sometimes very hard work. A lot of walking in the hot sunshine really takes its toll! There comes a time when you have to take the weight off your feet and get away from it all. Make your way to the calm tranquility of one of the Alicante parks and gardens.

These parks are shaded areas where you can re-charge your batteries, watch the world go by, people watch and let the sounds of nature surround you.

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As you walk around Alicante City you will come across little areas of tranquility, mini plazas where you can just relax but there are 6 particular parks of note. These are

  • Canalejas Park
  • El Palmeral
  • Portal de Elche
  • El Benacantil
  • Parque de la Ereta
  • Lo Morant

Canalejas Park

Let's start with the historic Canalejas park which is alongside Avenida Ramon y Cajal. This park is famous for its magnificent fig tree which was reputed to have been planted at the end of the 19th Century. The park contains stone sculptures of lions and dogs, a map of Spain carved in wood, various fountains and seating areas. There is also a monument to an Alicante writer Carlos Arniches by Daniel Baņuls.

El Palmeral

This park is on the outskirts of the City heading south along the Avenida de Elche. This park is a palm tree plantation with lakes, waterfalls, boating ponds, picnic areas, children's playground, flowerbeds. There is also an area for biking and the opportunity to have a drink at one of the cafes. In the Summer the park is ringing with laughter from the childrens entertainment and musical performances. Bring a picnic and you could easily spend a few hours here.

Alicante Park, El Palmeral Alicante Park, El Palmeral Alicante Park, El Palmeral

Alicante Parks - El Palmeral

Portal de Elche

This is along Rambla de Mendez not far from the main Explanada de Espana and is a quiet sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Alicante's commercial area. This is just a small area that you can step into for quiet and calm. In the centre is a statue of Eusebio Sempere

El Benacantil

The Alicante Castle is situated on Mounte Benacantil, a lush green area with pine trees and eucalyptuses. This area can be accessed from Avenida Jamie II and also Calle de Vazquez de Mella.

Lo Morant Parque Lo Morant Calle de Pablo Neruda, 03011

Set between Carre de Lugo and Carre de Vicente Aleixandre this park is quite far out from the center of Alicante, past the Castillo de San Fernando and the hospital. You can't walk there from the center of Alicante but if you do make the trip you will be rewarded because this park is the largest leisure and recreation park in Alicante. There are childrens playgrounds, auditoriums, walking areas, plants fountains, Football pitches and tennis courts.

Alicante Park, Lo-Morant Alicante Park, Lo-Morant Alicante Park, Lo-Morant

Alicante Parks - Lo Morant

Parque de la Ereta

This park is situated on the slopes of Mounte Benacantil at the base of Santa Barbara Castle. The park offers a stunning view of the city and from here you can follow a route from the walls through to the old part of Alicante. This park has an exhibition of contemporary art and a renowned restaurant.

Alicante Park, Parque de la Ereta Alicante Park, Parque de la Ereta Alicante Park, Parque de la Ereta

Alicante Parks - Parque de la Ereta

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