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About Mandarinablue Tours

We are a travel agency specialised in day trips and excursions around the province of Alicante, located in the South East of Spain, in Santa Pola, within the beautiful area called La Costa Blanca, where the sun shines pretty much 365 days per year.

Whether it is walking through idyllic orange groves, becoming immersed in the sights and sounds of a local festival or delighting yourself with some local wine, cheese and olives we have just the trip for you.

Alicante province still has many cute little corners where tourism has not yet arrived. Our trips are perfect for you to discover these places accompanied by a small group of people and have a fun day out away from the busy main cities.

Crawl through our pages and allow yourself to imagine how it would be if you were here; disconnecting from reality, watching the world and its people go by, in a warm, sunny place like the Costa Blanca.

What can we offer you:

1) Excursions or Day Trips for people that really want to get off the beaten track and see the unique character of this beautiful region. We have very interesting tours like a wine tour where you can try some of the most popular wines in Alicante, a tapas tour in Alicante city to get to know our gastronomy, a panoramic tour around the mountains of Alicante, etc.

2) Limited Edition Trips of one or more days in and outside Alicante´s province. We will take you to see special events like becoming immersed in 20,000 drums as part of the Tamborada festival, experiencing a Flamenco festival outdoors in the streets of the beautiful Córdoba or revelling in the tomato throwing frenzy that is the Tomatina in Valencia.





3) Half Mandarina These are trips and excursions for single people, where the reason being for the trip is to meet other people, make friends, socialise, etc.

Our Aim:

Whether you choose one of our excursions or one of our longer trips, we would like to offer you a personalised service from knowledgeable, local, Spanish & English speaking guides, visiting unique and authentic places to make your time in Spain an enjoyable and unforgettable travel experience.


Our Philosophy:

We love our region so we encourage sustainable travel being always concerned about the impact tourism has in the visited area and trying to minimise this impact as much as possible. We will use local operators that share this philosophy with us.

We also want to help the villages and communities we visit promoting their local products, handicrafts and businesses, so they can see in tourism a way to sustain and develop their economies.

Good things about visiting with us:

Apart from enjoying your time in Spain doing something different, the good things about travelling with us are:

  • We want to welcome you and treat you in a personal way, so you feel you have been part of a different and not conventional experience.
  • For that reason our groups are reduced (max. 15 people), we try to make everybody in the group participating in the experience, and this only happens when groups are small.
  • You will get to see places that are difficult to reach if you do not have your own transport.
  • You will be able to just relax and absorb the travel experience without being worried about other practical things (getting lost, not understanding, booking tickets, etc).
  • You will be able to try the local gastronomy, wines and spirits without worrying about drinking driving or driving when you are tired.
  • We take you to the local producers, so it is great for buying local products at a better price and excellent quality.

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