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A night tram in Alicante

The Alicante night train is an extremely convenient service for people who enjoy the Alicante nightlife. This service is known as the TRAMnochador.

It operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and can transport you to many places including Alicante or to the nightlife of San Juan, El Campello and Benidorm.

It is run by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat Valenciana and has been set up specifically so that people can enjoy a great night out and travel home safely and securely.

The service is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights during the months of July, August and until the 12th of September.

Along the line, some stations have been refurbished and transformed into bars, cafés, and pubs and are open during the warm Mediterranean summer nights.

Click to see a copy of the Alicante night TRAM timetable.

Summary of the Summer Timetable for 2009

Alicante to El Campello

A train leaves every half an hour starting at 23.25 and finishing at 4.55. It takes 25 - 30 minutes to reach El Campello from Alicante on the night train.

Alicante to Benidorm

There are two trains. One leaves at 23.25 and the second one leaves at 0.55. It takes approx an hour and 10 minutes to complete the journey.

Benidorm to Alicante

There are two trains. The first leaves at 0.53 and the second one leaves at 2.23. It takes approx 1 hour 10 minutes to reach Alicante from Benidorm on this night train.

El Campello to Alicante

A train leaves every half an hour with the first leaving at 22.42 and these continue until 5.22. Please note this final TRAM stops at La Isleta. It does not travel onto La Marina or Puerta del Mar.

Puerta del Mar to Av Naciones

Trains leave every half hour starting at 22.50 and then they change to hourly at 2.20 until 5.20. It takes only 17 minutes to reach the end of this line.

Av Naciones to Puerta del Mar

These leave every half hour starting at 22.53 and then change to hourly at 2.23 and 3.23 then 3.53 until 5.53

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