Alicante Water Museum

How A Mountain Saved The People Of Alicante

Alicante Water Museum

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Address: Plaza del Puente (Old Quarter)

Tel: (+34) 965 14 37 87

Opening hours:

July and August:

Monday - Sunday: 11am - 2pm then 6pm - 9pm

Winter September - June:

Monday to Sunday: 11am - 2pm then 5pm - 8pm

See the map below to find its location

This museum is located in the old quarter at one of the entrances to La Ereta park at the base of Mount Benacantil. Look up and you will see Santa Bárbara Castle. Historically this Museum is situated here in Plaza del Puente because the rain water ran from Benacantil's foothill via the aqueduct, then crossed the plaza into the wells where the water was stored. These Wells of Garrigós or 'Pozos' are situated next to the museum.

Inside Alicante Water Museum

The wells themselves are steeped in history. They are thought to date back to the 16th Century, at least one is thought to originate in Moorish times although most were built in the 19th Century by Antonio Garrigós, hence the name. The wells were used to store rainwater and get Alicante through drought that was suffered frequently by the city in ancient times. The Wells were used until water was piped in from the nearby town of Sax. The wells used to be housed in the rock but now evacuated you can see they were able to hold huge volumes of water.

The museum of water is now stored over 3 floors and teaches visitors about the history of water in Alicante and also holds an exhibition of pottery and ceramic vases.

Alicante Water Museums
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