The MARQ Provincial Archaeology Museum

Museo Arqueologico de Alicante

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Museum MARQ 3

Address: Plaza del Doctor Gómez Ulla s/n, 3013 Alicante/Alacant, Spain

Tel: (+34) 965 14 90 00 (Spanish site - for English translation use Googles translation tool at

This official website includes a map from Google and provides transport advice (for example Buses #2, 6, 9 20, and 23 will take you to the Museum)

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Saturday from 10am - 7pm. Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10am - 2pm.

During July and August you will have to consult the Museum directly for their opening hours.


Children under 7 are free but if your child gets bored easily then wait until they are older before you visit this Museum!

Normal price 3,00 euros.

Price for a Tour 1.5 euros

You can buy a combined ticket to the Lucentum archeological site

This Alicante Museum (Museo Arqueologico de Alicante) is well worth visiting. Officially known as the MARQ Provincial Archaeology Museum this Museum was created in 1932 but it was housed in a different building, it only moved to its current loaction in 2002. The building the Museum is now housed in what used to be the San Juan de Bois provincial hospital.

The MARQ Provincial Archaeology Museum prides itself on being a highly innovative and a visual museum. It is a 21st Century archeological museum and it tries to bring history to life by using audio, visual and light effects. It has plenty of multimedia technology that it uses to mix education and entertainment - with great succes I might add. Videos bring the past to life and dramatic lighting adds to the drama. As a visitor you are the centre of the presentations and you are taken through the past from the Romans , the Arab settlers, through to Modern Culture. There is so much at this Museum, it really does a great job of tracing the history of Alicante in a vibrant way that makes a visit to this Museum a must.

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Museum MARQ 2

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Museo Arqueologico de Alicante
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