Tabarca Island Marine Reserve

Tabarca Island Alicante

The waters of Tabarca Island are clear, transparent and unpolluted. The waters surrounding the island are teeming with marine life and there is a bounty of beautiful marine flora and fauna. The reason for this is because Tabarca is a protected marine reserve "Reserva marina de la Isla de Tabarca". It has also been declared a Zone of Special Protection for Birds. This status was granted in 1986.

Tabarca Island Undersea

Views from a glass bottom boat

The island attracts an abundance of different fish because it is formed by materials of volcanic origin, these nutrients allow fauna to flourish which allows marine life to prosper. In fact the now endangered Mediterranean monk seal was successfully breeding here until the 1960's and it could only do that due to the quality of the marine ecology.

Tabarca Island Undersea

The following are details of the regulations of the marine reserve.

Order of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food of April 4, 1986

The marine reserve area is based on the following points:

A: 38 09 '38 "N - 00 25' 24" W

B: 38 31 '31 "N - 00 25' 50" W

C: 38 10 '44 "N - 00 29' 39" W

D: 38 09 '38 "N - 00 30' 09" W

The Rules of the Marine Reserve

Fishing is only allowed within approved zones.

If you want to scuba dive then you will require special authorisation from the Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture.

You are only allowed to anchor in certain zones.

Collection of specimens or taking / removing fragments of plants or marine animals is prohibited

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