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At the height of the Summer Season Tabarca island receives more than 2000 visitors a day and for a small island that is a lot of visitors. I would therefore expect these food outlets to get quite busy. If you have young children I would advise taking a cool box of ready made food, or eating as early as possible.

In response to the needs of the visitors there are lots of cafes and restaurants in the port area which offer local specialities such as 'caldero tabarquino' ( a fish and rice dish served with stock). The dishes tend to offer the best produce from the sea, including fish and seafood based rice dishes.

Most of the restaurants are located in Playa Central, however there are restaurants in other location too, so if you don't fancy one of the ones in the Playa Central then do look around.

There are a large choice of restaurants, however please be aware that they are not what I would call cheap (you may have a different budget to me and may not agree).

Look at it this way - if you don't bring your own food to the Island then you will need a restaurant. These restaurants have a 'captive clientele' so to speak!!!

Have you eaten at one of these cafes or restaurants? What was your experience? Please do let us know on the form at the bottom of the page so that we can inform other tourists of your experiences.

Tabarca Island Restaurants Details


Playa Central s/n.

Tel +34 965 970 734

Casa Ramos

Plaza Grande 1. +34 965 961 144

Tabarca Island Casa Ramos

Don Jeronimo

c/ Virgen del Carmen 1. +34 965 961 283

El Tio Collonet

c/ Arzola 27. +34 965 970 599

Casa Gloria

c/ Bernardo Ruso 19. +34 965 970 584

La Almadraba

c/ Virgen del Carmen 5. +34 965 970 587

La Caleta

Playa Central. +34 965 970 810

Tabarca Island Restaurant

Los Pescadores

Playa Central s/n. +34 965 960 005

Los Pescadores II

Playa Central s/n. +34 965 960 650

Mar Azul

Playa Central s/n. +34 965 970 587

Rincon Ramos

Playa Central s/n. +34 965 961 144

Do you have experience of eating at one of these restaurants? What did you think?

Please do let us know.

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