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Alicante Town Hall

Address: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 1

Opening hours of the "La ciudad descubierta" exhibition: Monday to Friday: 9am to 2pm.

Alicante City Hall or Ayuntamiento de Alicante is a baroque work of art designed by the architect Lorenzo Chápuli. With 165 foot high towers enclosing each end of the building which stand magnificently overlooking the square with its arched walkways. On one of those towers there is a large clock which is used by the people of Alicante to count in in the New Year, along with fireworks and a lot of noise.

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The video below shows the Town Hall on New Years Eve.

On the outside of the building it is decorated with elements such as fruit, vegetable items and the city emblem. The doorways are arched with wonderful baroquesque sculpture that adds grandeur to this official City administrative building.

Alicante City Hall

At the top of the building there are two points to notice. The blue dome that stands erect in the centre of the building and the stone railing which runs from one tower to the other, almost forming a crown of stone.

The building has an interesting history. In the last seventeenth Century the building was nearly destroyed by the French bombing in the War of Spanish Succession. It took 70 years to rebuild the house through the efforts of hundreds of people.

Another view of the City Hall

Now, if you step inside what is Alicante City Hall, there is more to see.

There are 3 floors and interestingly at the foot of the building's main staircase is the so-called " "Cota Cero". This is the main reference point from which the sea level of Spain's various cities are measured.

Ascend the stairs and you will find the blue room and a chapel, which still holds Mass. Two further remarkable roomsare the Salón Azul styled from the period of Spain's Queen Isabel and the Salón de Plenos meeting hall.

City hall in Alicante

Scattered throughout the various rooms in the building, visitors can admire interesting works by Padilla, Cabrera, Amorós and Alicante's own Gastón Castelló.

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