Santa Cruz Hermitage

Located Within the Santa Cruz Area of Alicante

Santa Cruz Hermitage, Alicante, Spain

Front of the Santa Cruz Hermitage

Address: The Santa Cruz neighbourhood

The Ermita de Santa Cruz or Santa Cruz Hermitage is at the base of Mount Benacantil upon which the Santa Barbara Castle stands. It is based within the Santa Cruz district of Alicante. This area of Alicante is stunning. The Santa Cruz district is composed of old white washed houses, adorned with plant pots and tiling, which wind themselves around narrow streets. A truly picturesque area.

The Santa Cruz Hermitage dates from the late 18th century and was built over the Ampolla Tower which is one of the few remaining stretches of the old city walls. This building has an important role during one of the festivals. During Holy Week there are a number of processions and some processions depart from the Santa Cruz Hermitage.

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As you can see from the photograph below the 'brotherhood' are required to carry a heavy and large float around the narrow streets of Santa Cruz and this takes great precision and care.

Santa Cruz Hermitage Procession during Holy Week

Below are a few videos which highlight the processions during Holy Week and its importance to the people of Alicante

This will give you an idea of the size of the procession and in particular the huge size of the float. Although not filmed from the Santa Cruz district.

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