Recommended Alicante Car Rental Companies

Who we recommend for you and why

Below are links to two brokers and one local company that we recommended for Alicante car hire.

We would suggest you obtain quotes from all three of them by clicking on their links. You will be taken through to their websites where obtaining a quote is as easy as 1,2,3.

Recommended Alicante Car Rental -

Holiday Autos is also a site that I rate highly.

An easy site to navigate around and very pleasing to look at.

Holiday Autos offer you a range of options, they have a fancy sliding scale of cost, you can choose whether you want air conditioning or not and the type of fuel.

Where Holiday Autos really stand out and are to be applauded is with regards to the additional charges.

When the cars are presented to you there is a caption to the right of the car stating ‘Vehicle Excess’. Put your mouse over this and a caption will come up that tells you two things;

  • What the insurance excess is for this car.

  • How much it will cost you to obtain cover to reduce your excess fee.

If you decide to proceed with the booking you will be asked whether you want to add on the excess insurance and you will be clearly advised how much this costs. You can decline this option if you wish ( more information on Alicante Car Rental Insurance).

What you do not know though, is which Car Hire company you are booking with. Therefore you can't find out how the fuel policy works and whether they require a deposit if you don't take out their insurance excess policy.

If you need to know this information then this recommended alicante car rental company isn't for you.

Recommended Alicante car rental -

And my final tip is my Mums tip!

My parents live on the Costa Blanca. They have lived there for over 8 years and my Mum has some great tips to pass on and this is one of them!

Low costs Car Hire Spain – Victoria RENT A CAR with rental cars at the Airport Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona, Murcia, Valencia and Madrid. More destinations at Costa Blanca in Denia, Calpe, Moraira and Torrevieja.

This is the Alicante rent a Car company that the locals will recommend to you. They are a highly regarded company on the Costa Blanca.

I have looked at their website and it is easy to use and clearly explains their costs.

They have an area of their website dedicated to explaining their terms and conditions.


Clear and straight forward.

Just what we like.

Not only is their website brilliant but they often have deals and / or promotions.

So do take a moment have a look at their site and see whether you like what they have to offer.

Do, read the terms and conditions though!

How many quotes?

Overall we recommend that you do obtain at least 3 quotes. Whether you obtain a quote using the companies I have recommended above, or whether you use other Car Hire Companies (see our page on Alicante car rental companies) we recommend that you make yourself aware of the terms and conditions and insurance details of the car hire companies.

After you have obtained your quotes and you are happy with the price and the car hire company then go ahead and book the car. Remember that the earlier you book, the cheaper the car hire will be. Lock in that price!

If you are picking up your hire car from Alicante Airport then please see our section on Alicante airport car rental. Find out where the offices are located, where to collect your car from and directions out of the Airport car park!

Our Alicante car rental hints and tips will ensure that you know how to keep your car safe from opportunist thieves and more importantly protect yourself and your family. This information is invaluable.

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