Booking your Alicante Rent A Car

How to get the cheapest quote?

There are a number of Alicante rent a car companies to choose from. These are located both at the Airport and at various locations around the region of Alicante.

You can book your hire car with these companies directly.

Or to confuse the situation there are also a large number of car hire brokers that you can book your car hire through (e.g. Holiday Autos).

The difference between the brokers and the Alicante rent a car companies.

You will recognize some of the names of the "Alicante car hire" companies. Yet you may not recognize others (Record Rent a Car, Sol-mar). The car hire companies are comprised of multi-nationals and smaller local companies.

The Alicante rent a car brokers are 'middle men' who negotiate discounts from the Alicante rent a car companies. They buy car rental in large quantities and then pass some of the discount back to us.

It would make sense to rent your car from a broker because you are taking advantage of their purchasing power, therefore they are often cheaper than booking directly through the Alicante rent a car company themselves. But don't be deceived. There are disadvantages to this. The main drawback is this, some brokers will tell you beforehand which car rental company you are getting your car from, others however will not tell you until you have booked and paid for the car.

Does this really matter?

Yes it does.

The terms and conditions of the car hire companies differ and some may not suit you. You may end up with a company which adds on 'little extras' after you have booked, so that your original quote soon adds up.

For example - you may end up with a company who provides you with a full tank of petrol and wants the car returned with an empty tank of petrol. But this may be a problem for you because you are only going to be using a quarter of a tank. So you end up paying for more than you have to. Very frustrating!

Firstly, though, let's start at the beginning with the booking.

How should you book?

The easiest way to obtain your Alicante car hire is online. Using the internet to source a car will allow you to hunt for the most competitive quote. By obtaining quotes from a number of recommended sources you can track down the best price for you.

In addition to this you can make sure you are happy with the company you are using by familiarising yourself with their terms and conditions before you go ahead and part with your money.


In a rush?

See here for our recommended Alicante car rental companies

How to book the cheapest Alicante rent-a-car?

Hiring through a broker can save you money but this is no good if you don't know who you are booking your hire car with. But there are other money saving tips you can use to keep your money in your wallet.

The earlier you book, the cheaper it is. Which means more money for your holiday!

Tip 1 So, try and book your Alicante Rent a Car as soon as you have booked your flights.

Tip 2 Get the timings correct for when you are collecting and returning the car. Charges are in 24 hour increments and returning the car later than expected will incur additional charges.

Tip 3 Choose the correct sized car. Don't forget you will have luggage and possibly car seats. Be sensible! A family of 4 with all their luggage are not going to fit into a Ford KA! You don't want to have to organise a larger car at the last moment, this will cost you money.

Tip 4 Make a note of when you pay for the car. Do you pay nothing at the point of booking, pay all of it at the point of booking, pay a small deposit at the point of booking or do you pay when returning the car? Then factor this into your holiday budget - if you haven't paid for your car hire in advance - don't forget about it!

Tip 5 Car Hire Insurance - important information

When you collect your car from the Alicante rent a car company, they will explain to you that rent a car insurance is included in the car hire cost. Then they will advise you that if anything happens to the car, you will be covered under the rent a car insurance (with some exceptions).

But you will be liable for the excess fee and this will be 'x' amount (where 'x' could be anything from 150 € to 650 € in some instances).

They will then offer you an excess insurance policy.

To learn more about these charges and to see how much the Alicante Rent a Car companies in Alicante will charge you individually for their insurance, please see our Alicante car rental insurance Explained page.

Finally one more tip!

Tip 6 If you really do not want to book your Alicante Rent a Car in advance then you can leave it until you arrive at the Airport, or at your destination (for example Benidorm). Be aware of two things. This will be more expensive. Be careful in High Season that you aren't left high and dry without a hire car!

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