Alicante Car Rental Hints and Tips!

We have put together our Top 10 Alicante Car Rental hints and tips because when you go on holiday, you can very quickly go into holiday mode and leave your brains behind! After all, holidays are for relaxing and switching off, not for worrying or stressing out about the holiday itself.

When you hire a car though, you need to have your wits about you.

We are regular visitors to Alicante and always hire a car when we are there.

Read our Alicante car hire top 10 tips below.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 1 - Booking your Car Hire

We would firstly recommend that you book your car in advance rather than turn up at your destination and request a car. The main reason for this is that leaving the car hire until the last moment could leave you without a hire car. And you wouldn't want to risk that!

There are several advantages to booking online;

  • Firstly you can compare many quotes quickly and at a time that suits you.

  • You can check the terms and conditions thoroughly and make sure that they fulfill your requirements.

  • When you arrive at your destination the car will be ready for you. If you are landing at Alicante Airport and your flight is delayed the car hire company will be aware of this and will make any appropriate arrangements.

  • Booking early usually has the advantage of offering you a discount.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 2 - Completing the car hire documentation

When you arrive at your destination you will need to complete the car hire documentation.

Make a note of the following points!

  • You will need to present your Passport (which you will have with you anyway). For the main driver AND any additional drivers.

  • You must present your Drivers Licence (both parts). For the main driver AND any additional drivers.

  • Take a copy of your email confirmation of the booking and payment. If you have booked over the telephone then take your reference number.

  • You will need to present the Credit Card used to make the booking, obviously the cardholder must also be present.

  • Be aware that some of the car hire companies will charge an out of hours surcharge. Some companies will also charge you for a full tank of petrol. You can check which companies will charge this by viewing our Alicante Car Rental Terms and Conditions.

  • At this stage you may be 'sold' additional extras. For example, you may be sold excess insurance. We have a full explanation of Alicante Car Rental Insurance, what you need and don't need. We also explain what exactly excess insurance is.

  • Read the terms and conditions of your rental thoroughly. If you are not happy with any aspect or don't understand a certain point, then do query it before signing.

  • Make sure everything you have paid for and any additional drivers are clearly stated on the paperwork.

  • When you are given the keys to your rental car, do not lose them! They are not covered by insurance.

  • Check that you know what to do in the case of the car breaking down and that you have the car hire company's details or the details of the breakdown company.

  • Lastly before you leave the admin office check where the car is to be returned. Make sure that you leave adequate time to return the car and then get to the check in desk at the Airport.

Once everything has been signed and agreed you will then be directed to your rental car.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 3 - Collecting your hire car

This is where things get really important!

With the most important tip being.......when the rental car is handed over to you check it thoroughly.

Make sure that any dents, scratches, etc are highlighted to the representative.

Check the car is in full working order, we would suggest that you check the following items;

  • Headlights

  • Indicators

  • Reverse lights

  • Tyres

  • Spare

  • Petrol cap

  • Blades

  • Oil

  • Water

  • Look for scratches on the bodywork and bumpers. Make sure you go right round the whole car and check it thoroughly.

You will have a diagram of the car on your rental contract. Make sure any problems are noted on this and signed by the rep. You do not want to be held liable for anything that you didn't do!

I cannot stress how important it is to be thorough at this point.

No matter how tired you are, how stressful your journey has been, or even how much of a rush you are in. STOP! Take 10 minutes to check the car!

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 4 - Be organised

Before you set off make sure you are happy with the car, satisfied that any accessories have been fitted correctly and check your petrol levels. Not all car hire companies provide a full tank of petrol. Do you now need to visit the nearest petrol station?

If you are visiting Alicante Airport and you do need a petrol station then the nearest petrol station is approx 2 mins from the Airport. As you exit Alicante Airport take the turning for Elche and you won't miss the petrol station.

At the end of your rental if you have to return the car with a full tank then this is the petrol station that you will need.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 5 - Sat Navs

If you hire a GPS system ? take extra care with it because it can be an invite for thieves.

When you leave the car, take the Sat Nav with you. Do not leave the cradle on the car window. When you remove the cradle from the screen, use a wet wipe to wipe off the sucker mark that has been left. You probably think this advice is crazy! But thieves can spot you have a GPS from the sucker mark or the cradle and will assume the SAT Nav is in the glove compartment.

Don't let your car stand out as a target.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 6 - Toll Roads

Whilst in Spain you have the option of using toll roads to reach your destination. You don't have to take them but if you do you will find them quiet. Very different to the motorways in the U.K.! And a refreshing change.

You can use money for the tolls, but don't panic if you don't have any Euros. There is a cash machine at Alicante Airport in the Departures Hall of Terminal 1. Or you can use your Credit / Debit Card!

At the toll booths you can't use Credit or Debit cards at a money toll and you can't use money at a Credit or Debit card toll.

The tolls that take Credit or Debit cards only are clearly signposted 'tarjeta' and are identified by yellow signs.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 7 - Breakdowns

Some of the car hire companies have a 24 hour breakdown service. Make sure you always have the number to hand.

If 24 hour breakdown cover is not covered by your car hire, make sure you have the opening hours and telephone number of the car hire company to hand in case of emergencies.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 8 - Documentation

Remember to carry your Passport and Drivers Licence with you at all times and keep them safe.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 9 - Returning the car

When returning the car make sure that you get a representative to check the car thoroughly. Ask them to sign that it has been returned in the same condition as it was when it was hired out.

If you need to return the car with an empty tank and you return it with petrol in the tank, you will not receive a refund.

If you need to return the car with a full tank of petrol, make sure that you do so. Otherwise you will be charged by the car rental company to fill the tank and it will be more expensive than doing it yourself.

Alicante Car Rental hints and tips no. 10 - At home

Once you have returned home remember to check your credit card statement that you used to book the hire car. Make sure that you have been charged correctly and that no charges have gone through after you returned the car.

We have hired cars on many occasions and we have never had a problem. We have always found the car hire companies we have used to be accommodating and customer friendly. Hiring a car is a great experience and doing the above checks will not take much time out of your holiday. A little time taken at the time of hiring will lead to stress free driving!

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