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Surefire Spanish Language

The author David Rivera approaches learning about Spanish slightly differently. He claims that he won’t just teach you how to learn Spanish but will also teach you memorization tips and techniques that help you learn Spanish in half the time you would expect and he promises to make learning Spanish fun, fast, and easy.

He will show you techniques to ‘burn’ the top 1000 Spanish words into your brain! Including making it fun by using games and using mental pictures. He states that "this unique package allows you to boost your language abilities in the shortest time possible by going with your natural flow of thinking, instead of against it."

The primary problem with this course is that it focuses on teaching memory techniques to remember words rather than teaching an appreciation of the language and the vocabulary and grammar next. The result will leave you knowledgeable about certain basic vocabulary words but completely unable to speak or read the language.

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Actual Consumer Feedback

I couldn't find any user reviews and I would say that this is because the quality of the product really isn't up to standard.


My personal opinion is that this is a memorization technique product. That will teach you techniques to learn a basic level of Spanish just about ideal for holiday. I don't feel that this program offers you the best value for your money.

Product Summary

Author: David Rivera
Product Specs: E-books. Immediate download
Price: $37
Format: Mac and PC
Return Policy: 60 day refund policy

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