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LingoBasics Spanish Language

LingoBasics is a budget online Spanish learning program. LingoBasics claims it can teach you Spanish in 30 days flat. It claims you will be able to hold a conversation with a Spaniard in 30 days.

This product has been written by James Cooper, a foreign language specialist

He claims that he has done all the hard work for you

That by the end of 30 days you will be able:

  • To speak in a professional, clear, and high-quality manner
  • Slash the foreign language learning curve literally in half
  • Become bilingual once and for all

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Actual Consumer Feedback

"This is my second choice when learning Spanish, it's no-nonsense approach is refreshing. In a matter of hours, I was speaking new Spanish phrases like I had speaking them for years. The guides were easy to follow and easy to understand. For a brand new program, Lingo Basics has the potential to become the #1 recommended Spanish Learning Course very soon."

"......and let me tell you, this is the best program one could possibly buy online! The only bad part about it - you canít really learn the accent from LingoBasics ebooks,...." A review on a site set up specifically to review LingoBasics.

I searched high and low for more consumer feedback online but the above one was the only feedback I could find. This could be because the product is so new it hasn't yet had time to acrue web reviews.

Product Overview

The LingoBasics product covers the following:

  • Pronunciation
  • Basic phrases
  • Singular and plural nouns, which include people, place, and things
  • Pronouns & verbs
  • Numbers
  • Question words
  • Directions
  • Adjectives
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Colours
  • Foods

This is an e-book download that claims to teach you Spanish in 30 days. Written by James Cooper a foreign language specialist.

Is not as in-depth as our other recommendations therefore it is more suited for travelers who are looking to use basic Spanish on holiday.

It is relatively inexpensive and a better option if you do not need to learn Spanish in-depth.

TIP: This is not just a Spanish course. You get access to all the language learning
e-books - Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japenese.

Product Summary

Author: James Cooper
Product Specs:E-books. Immediate download
Price: $49.97
Format: Mac and PC
Return Policy:60 day refund policy

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LingoBasics Spanish Language

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