Eurotunnel - the easy way to get to France from the U.K.

We decided to take the Eurotunnel on our journey by car from St Albans, Hertfordshire down to Alicante, Spain.

We were due to catch the 3.27 a.m. from Folkstone to Calais. We left home at 1.05 a.m. and arrived at the Eurotunnel at 2.50 a.m.

Eurotunnel check in service

We were very impressed with the check-in service. As you drive up to the Eurotunnel barriers your car registration is recognised and it welcomes you by your name.

Your details are printed off automatically onto a 'hanger' that you hang off the back of your rear view mirror.

You then drive through to the car parking area and wait until your letter is called. Here you can visit the Eurotunnel shopping, grab some food and visit the toilets before you board the train.

There was a small period of waiting around in the car park looking at the big blue board waiting for our letter to be called!

Once called you can move to the queuing area. Try and go into the correct lane and not into the disabled lane as my husband did! Again you wait but once you start moving from this point you are straight onto the Eurotunnel train.

There are 2 levels to the train, an upper and lower level.

Once loaded onto the train you are requested to turn off your engine and wait. You can exit your car and stretch your legs. There are toilets on board.

There are no refeshments and the toilets seem to be in every other carriage. In order to walk from one carriage to another there are pressurised doors to get through.

TIP - take a flask with some tea or coffee so you can relax while the train whizzes you through to France.

The journey is very smooth and fast.

Once you have arrived in Calais the offloading process is quick, efficient and you are on the motorway before you know it.

Very impressed with the service and it took around 35 minutes to get to France.

I don't have any photographs of the inside of the train because you can not use flash photography.

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