Spanish Toll Roads

Our Experience of the Toll Roads on the Autopista de Meditteranea.

On the journey from the U.K. to Southern Spain we drove through 2 tolls in France and 6 tolls in Spain.

We used the autopista de meditteranea to take us from the French border to the Alicante region.

The cost of the Spanish tolls from the French border to the Alicante region were as follows;

spanish tolls 2

Toll 1 - 10.60

Toll 2 - 11.85

Toll 3 - 3.50

Toll 4 - 5.30

Toll 5 - 21.35

Toll 6 - 11.25

Total - 63.85 euros

There are two different toll types on the Spanish toll road as you travel from the U.K. down to Spain.

Toll Type 1

You pay before you enter the toll road.

using spanish toll 2

Toll Type 2

You take a ticket and pay as you exit the toll road.

using spanish toll 1

The toll roads themsleves aren't very busy. We found the busiest area to be around Barcelona.

Get Organised

It pays to be organised when using the toll roads! If you are using a ticket toll road keep your ticket somewhere easily accessible. For all tolls you should also have your money or credit card / debit card to hand. The traffic flows quickly through the toll roads so you really don't want to be faffing about looking for your payment cards.

If you are driving your British car remember that the passenger will be the one paying and taking the ticket as these photos show. If you are on your own you are going to have to get out of the car, walk around, pay and then return to the drivers seat. The barriers do stay open long enough. If you have any problems at the booth honk your horn and press the button to request help.

We took some photographs of the Tolls in Spain and these can be seen below.

Spanish Toll Roads

spanish toll road sign

spanish toll queues

spanish tolls 1

waiting spanish tolls

You can read about our full journey travelling from the U.K. to Spain by car.

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