Spanish Motorway Service Stations.

Our Experience on the Autopista de Meditteranea.

As we drove miles and miles through Spain by car we obviously needed to make use of the Spanish Motorway Service Stations.


We seemed to see plenty of Service stations as we drove through France but as we drove through Spain there seemed to be a lot less service stations and more laybys or small parking areas.

There seemed to be three different types of stopping areas.

Firstly laybys are simply areas where you could park up and eat. These didn't appear to have toilets. They looked like simple rest areas.

Secondly there were areas where you could park up, eat on picnic tables provided and there were toilets (proper tolilets not like the French ones!)

Lastly there were Spanish motorway service areas which had a petrol stations, restaurants and shops.

The Spanish service stations that we stopped at were clean and best of all they had proper toilets!!! What a pleasure to be able to sit on a toilet and not have to use the French squatter toilets!

The Spanish service stations also seemed to have shelters for the cars to park under which helped greatly with keeping the car nice and cool.

Spanish Motorway Service Stations - Filling up with petrol

Spanish Petrol Pump

Sometimes you filled up and then paid.

Other times you paid and then filled up with petrol / diesel. The photos taken at this petrol station was one of those pay and then fill up. Because we wanted a full tank and we didn't know how much it would cost we had to leave a payment card and our passport at the till only then could we fill up.

filling up instructions

Photo: Spanish petrol / diesel filling up instructions. It helps if you understand them!

Once you have filled up you are then expected to move your car away from the pump, park and then pay.

petrol diesel prices

Photo: Spanish Petrol / Diesel prices August 2010

Very different to how it is in the U.K.!

We took some great photographs of the Motorway Services in Spain and these can be seen below.

Spanish Service Stations - No 1

eating 1

eating 2

eating 3

playing 1

playing 2

playing 3

playing 4

playing 5

playing 6

leaving 1

Spanish Service Stations - No 2

bridge 1

bridge 2

bridge 3

bridge 4

bridge 5

bridge 6

bridge 7

bridge 8

bridge 9

Spanish Service Stations - No 3

spanish motorway sign 1

spanish motorway sign 2

spanish motorway sign 3

Spanish picnicing

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