France by Car. Travelling through France by Car. Our Experiences

We travelled from England down to Southern Spain and consequently travelled through France by car.

France by Car - our Journey

We arrived in France on the Eurotunnel. Our planned journey was 584 miles from Calais down to Millau. We aimed to stop overnight at Millau and then continue on our journey from Millau the following day through to Alicante, Spain.

We took the A16
The A26 (L'Autoroute des Anglais)
A1 (L'Autoroute du N)
A3 Around Paris

We hit Paris at 7.30 a.m. and didn't get out until 9.00 a.m. There were traffic works that we got stuck in forever and then the roads around Paris were bumper to bumper. I must admit I didn't like driving around Paris and it was quite stressful.

We went onto Boulevard Peripherique
Onto A6B (L'Autoroute Soleil)
Then exited for Millau town.

France by Car - toll roads

There were only 2 toll roads in France on the way to Spain

Toll 1 - 18.70 euros
Toll 2 - 33.80 euros
Total - 52.50 euros

We missed the Millau Bridge Toll Road because we exited for Millau town before the toll road.

The toll roads were easy to negotiate. You take a ticket and pay as you exit the toll. When you go into Spain it can be confusing because the first Spanish toll you come to you pay immediately (rather than take a ticket and pay later). We were pressing every button trying to get the ticket out!

There is more information here about our stay in Millau.

After our overnight stay in Millau we were back on the road and continued our journey through France by car onto Spain. We made our way back onto the A75 then we needed the D13 and we missed our exit! We exited at the exit after the one we should have taken and got lost!!

Our sat nav then took us across farm country and beautiful vineyards to a town called Nezignan-l'Eveque. Eventually we found our way back on the A9 (La Languedocienne) and into passport control.

France by Car - Driving

We found the French to be extremely courteous on the Motorways. They overtake and move straight in. They allow all faster cars to pass by quickly and they don't hog any lanes.

Further information on Spainish Motorway Service Stations

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Spanish Motorway Service Stations

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