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Before you hit the open road check out the Spanish motorbike laws

On the many occasions I have visited Alicante motorbikes have always seemed a great way to get about. Now, I am not a biker. I will openly admit that I have never been on a motorbike in my life!

However, I can use my imagination and I know that the rugged mountainous roads behind Alicante and all around the Costa Blanca coupled with the stunning scenery make this area perfect for Alicante motorbikes. If you are a rider and are on this page to check out the laws before going to Alicante then I guess you have come to the same conclusion! Although you have come to that conclusion based on experience and I, only from my love of the Costa Blanca :-)

Alicante Motorbike laws

Ok, so the laws are as follows:

  • Your bike insurance must include 3rd party cover.

  • You must have travel insurance. Check the exclusions on your travel insurance carefully. Ensure that you are insured to drive a a motorbike, or to be a passenger on a motorbike.

  • Riders are subject to the same laws as other road users.

  • Riders and their passengers must wear an approved crash helmet (properly fitted and secured)

  • Motorcycles must use dipped headlights during the day at all times

  • If you need to dismount from your bike on the road you will need to wear a visibility vest

  • If you violate any laws you will be subject to a fine or worse

Alicante Motorbikes - Safety

It is a sad fact that motorcycle and moped accidents are more common than car accidents. If you are not used to driving a motorcycle or moped then I would seriously consider whether you should drive a motorbike for the first time whilst abroad. Driving a motorbike for the first time on roads you aren't used too is asking for trouble!

You should keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing, whether you’re the driver or a passenger

  • There should never be more than two people on a bike

  • Know the drink driving laws for Spain. At 0.5 mg they are much lower than the U.K.(0.8 mg). The limit is so low that it really isn't worth drinking any alcohol at all

Alicante Motorbikes - Hiring motorcycles

Hiring a bike, moped or scooter whilst in Alicante is a great way to explore the mountains and the coastline.

Always make sure that you hire a bike from a reputable car hire company. As a guide you will find that their terms will be along the following lines:

  • There will be age limits for those riders wanting to hire up to 800cc and a different age limit for over this size

  • You will have needed to have held a motorcycle licence for a minimum amount of time (approx 3 years)

  • You may need to demonstrate a minimum amount of riding experience for the type of bike that you wish to hire

  • Passport and credit card deposit will usually be requested

  • Check the rental includes third party insurance, breakdown cover, mileage and locks

The bike rental companies will obviously vary in their terms and conditions but always make sure it is a reputable company.

Check the bike over thoroughly before driving away from the hire company. make sure that any scratches or dents are noted by the bike hire company and that you have checked the brakes and tyres.

All that is left is for you to enjoy the ride!

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