Driving your UK Registered Car in Spain?

What to take with you when driving in Spain

Taking your UK registered car with you to Alicante Spain?

The most common concern when taking your car into Spain is how do the Spanish laws affect you?

If you are taking your right hand drive car into Spain you will need to start your preparation a while before you leave. Preparation will include:

Service your vehicle before leaving the UK. If you are driving to Southern Spain and going via France you are about to be driving over 1200 miles (one way)in a short period of time (and we have done it on several occasions!) This is not the time to breakdown!

Check with your insurance company that you’re fully covered to drive abroad. Does your insurance company offer breakdown cover or do you need to organise this separately? If you need to organise it separately make sure you do this before you go. Also double check whether they cover you for medical expenses resulting from an accident.

Don't go without taking:

  • Passports! I do know somebody who got to the tunnel and had forgotten their Passports. Because they were going by car they just 'didn't think'!

  • A spare set of car keys

  • Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, tool kit (these are not compulsory - just 'common sense')

  • Spare bulbs

  • A warning triangle

  • Visibility Vests (enough for each occupant. Keep these in the car not in the boot)

  • Your Vehicle registration document, 'card type' driving licence (including paper counterpart)

  • Your UK motor insurance certificate

  • Breakdown policy and contact numbers

  • Travel insurance documents

  • Emergency helpline numbers

  • Headlamp converters

  • GB sticker. If your registration plates display the circle of 12 stars above the GB (or country of origin) identifier then you don't need a GB sticker.

If you prefer to fly/drive check our Alicante car hire section.

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