Driving quiz

We have put together a fun quiz to test your knowledge of driving in Spain!

Don't worry it is only a short quiz and doesn't really tax your brain!

How much do you really know about driving in Spain?

I am afraid that the answers can only be found by going back to the page on Spanish Driving Laws!


1. What side of the road do the Spanish drive on? (If you donít know this you should seriously reconsider driving in Spain!)

2. If you hire a car in Spain what documentation do you need to carry with you at all times?

3. What is the name of the Spanish police force that patrols the roads?

4. What is the English for Autopista?

5. What speed (in either KPH or MPH) can you travel on an Autopista?

6. How do you use your indicators on the motorway?

7. What is the speed limit for a car with a trailer?

8. If you violate a traffic regulation can you be fined on the spot?

9. Are seat belts required in the rear?

10. At what age can children sit in the front seat?

11. What documentation must you carry with you at all times?

12. What items do you need to carry in the car at all times?

13. What is the drink drive limit in Alicante?

14. Can you use a mobile telephone whilst driving?

...and that's it!

just a bit of fun to help you learn the laws :-)

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