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Don't stand out as a target!

Alicante Road Crime - Information

Although Spain has a relatively low crime rate , you would be naive to think that crime doesn't happen or that it isn't going to happen to you.

Crime does happen and you are a target – even when on the road.

Criminals are getting more sophisticated. Our advice would be to keep your wits about you at all times.

It does help to know the scams that the criminals are pulling at the moment. What are they doing? See below for full information.

The following information has been sourced from the Foreign Commonwealth office website.

Alicante Road Crime - Alicante Airport

At Alicante Airport there have been reports of the following:

  • When you are filling in your paperwork for your Alicante car hire at the rental desk and are distracted, luggage is being stolen

  • Watch that no-one follows you from the Airport to your accommodation

  • Thieves are causing small accidents where their vehicle bumps into your rental vehicle. Whilst you are then filling in forms an accomplice will steal from your rental vehicle

  • When returning the rental car to the Airport, there are thieves acting as bogus officials from the car rental company and taking the keys from you for the rental vehicle. Do not hand over any documentation or keys to someone claiming to be an official unless you are absolutely sure that they work for the Company and are acting appropriately.

If you do arrive in Alicante via the airport then we would advise the following:

  • That if you are renting a car you remove any car hire stickers that are on your car so you don’t stand out as a tourist

  • Do not let your luggage out of your sight

  • Do not let your passport / money out of your sight

Alicante Road Crime - Out on the Roads

There have been reports of Bogus police officers in plain clothes and in unmarked cars. The police can sometimes operate in unmarked cars in Spain but there will usually be a flashing electronic sign on the rear window which reads ‘Policia’ or ‘Guardia Civil’. This is activated by the police when they want you to pull over.

The police officers will ask you for documentation but they will not ask you to hand over your bag or wallet. However, if you have committed a traffic violation and are a tourist with no Spanish assets you will be fined on the spot.

If you are doubtful about any persons who stop you then speak through the car window, call the Guardia Civil on 062 or the Spanish national Police on 112 and check the registration number of the vehicle that has stopped you with the operator.

Alicante Road Crime - Scams in other areas of Spain

Other scams that have been reported in other areas of Spain are;

Thieves have been targeting Spanish rental vehicles on the exit road and nearby highways. This is a time when you are disorientated anyway and trying to negotiate unfamiliar roads. Because of this you aren’t completely on your guard.

The thieves operate by indicating that there is a problem with the tyres of the rental vehicle. When you pull over the thieves ‘assist’ you. They make sure you are distracted and then steal items from the car.

If you have followed our car rental hints and tips then this won’t happen to you because you will have undertaken all your car checks before you leave the Airport! So if someone flags you to say there is a problem with the tyres then you know immediately to be on your guard because you have just checked them!

Keep driving until you can stop at a service station that is populated and well-lit.

Just a quick point about parking - When you are out and about and park up your car remember not to leave any valuables in view. If you have a GPS, remove the unit and the holder.Then using wet wipes, remove the sucker mark from the window. If thieves see the sucker mark they will expect the GPS unit to be in the glove compartment.

Alicante Road Crime - The Police

If you are a victim of crime - what do you do and who should you report it too? Well let's just run through the police structure in Alicante.

1. Policia Municipal (Local Police)

These are recruited locally and paid for by the town or city council concerned. They are responsible for traffic and parking and upholding local bylaws. They are found in any town with a population of over 5,000.

2. Policia Nacional (National Police)

These are uniformed forces employed by the Government on semi-military lines. They are responsible for anti-terrorism and are found in towns and cities with a population of more than 20,000.

3. Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)

Today it's main duties are to patrol the countryside, highways and frontiers and act as customs officers. You will find them civil and very helpful in times of need. They are also responsible for stopping vehicles for random document checks. It is to this force you turn if you have to report a crime.

Alicante Road Crime - Enjoy your holiday!

I know that all the above sounds a bit scary, but it is just to make you aware of what the scammers and thieves are up to.

If you know about their scams and ploys then you can protect yourself from them (in the unlikely event that anything will happen)!

Then all you have to do is concentrate on enjoying your holiday!

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