Alicante Road Safety

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Alicante Road Safety

According to the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) 8 million UK residents drive in a foreign country each year. Staggeringly, British drivers in Spain are twice as likely to die in an accident on Spanish roads than they are on British roads.

Their research also shows that over-55s are the most likely to encounter problems. Some get badly lost, drive on the wrong side of the road or are a victim of crime.

Unfortunately some travelers are completely unprepared for their journey, and don’t have the necessary documentation, forgetting to take their driving licence and car registration documents. Nearly eight out of 10 don’t carry telephone numbers for local emergency or breakdown service and the local British Consulate.

Based on their research the FCO has produced a list of recommendations which are as follows:

  • Before you leave on your trip, familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the country you are visiting

  • Don’t drive when tired and take regular breaks when driving for long periods of time

  • Always wear a seatbelt and make sure your passengers do as well

  • Don’t drink and drive

  • Don’t use your mobile phone when driving

Alicante Road Safety - Hiring a Car

If hiring a car in Alicante make sure you hire a car from a reputable company.

The FCO also recommend that the cheapest deal may not always be the best.

This is exactly what we at say on our Alicante Car Hire pages!

We couldn’t agree with them more! The cheapest is not always the best and may result in more expense when you reach the collection desk when more charges are added on.Have a look at our Car Hire pages for further information.

Alicante Road Safety - Pedestrians

I have decided to cover Alicante road safety for Pedestrians as well.

Note to drivers: If you are driving around busy areas do keep in mind that pedestrians can be in holiday mood too and could just step off the pavement right in front of you.

  • If you are about to cross the road remember to look both ways. Traffic will be coming in the opposite direction that you are used too.

  • Always cross at designated points

  • If you are walking on a road with no paving, face the oncoming traffic.

  • If out at night make sure you have bright clothing on so that you can be seen and take a torch if possible.

Alicante Road Safety - Bus and Coaches

If you should be going on a trip whist in Alicante or the surrounding areas then keep in mind the following points;

  • If you have concerns over the vehicle then do not get on it

  • When traveling on a bus or coach always wear a seatbelt

  • Avoid traveling in overcrowded vehicles

Alicante Road Safety - Resources

The Foreign Commonwealth Office is a great resource and can be accessed at (clicking here will open their website in a new tab).

Alicante Road Safety - Spanish Road Safety videos

The following are videos from youtube which are a bit far fetched but get their message across!

European Road Safety Directorate (8:03 mins)

Riding without helmets (0:32 min)

Speeding ! (0:32 min)

Tailgating ! (0:32 min)

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