Alicante Airport Bus Transfers

Costs, location and some useful Spanish!

Alicante Airport Bus

Alicante Airport Bus

The Alicante Airport bus is a great option for the budget conscious. The buses run to all the main tourist areas around the Costa Blanca.

I have put together the bus timetable information for the main routes. These are detailed below.

Firstly though, you have to find the bus stop itself but don't worry this is quite straight forward, even with the luggage, the children and the trolley that has a mind of it's own.....!

Note that this page is due to be updated with the airports new layout. Please check official sites for accurate information

Alicante Airport Bus Stops

The bus stop is located across the road from the Alicante Airport Arrivals hall (Terminal 1). It won't take you too long to get there (a couple of minutes). Bus stops 1-26 are the charter buses, continue past these and head for the number 29 and 30 bus stop. You can see from the photo where bus stop 29 and 30 are located.

Alicante Airport Bus Timetables

There are 2 main Alicante Airport bus companies. These are;

I have outlined a few of the route timetables below. The timetables are to be taken as guidelines only. If you are planning on using the Alicante Airport bus services then please do visit their respective websites.

ALSA Timetables

Alicante Airport Bus You will find this website extremely user friendly and easy to use. It is also available in English, handy for those of us who can't speak the Spanish language!

The website details the timetable, costs and you can click on your destination to see a map of where exactly the bus will stop.

Please check official bus web sites for accurate timetable info

Alicante Airport Bus to Albacete
Departure Arrival Cost One Way(Eur) Cost Return(Eur)
08:00 12:45 21.29 41.25
09:00 13:45 21.29 41.25
10:00 15:45 21.29 41.25
11:00 17:30 21.29 41.25
12:00 17:30 21.29 41.25
13:00 18:45 21.29 41.25
14:00 19:45 27.00 52.10
15:00 19:45 27.00 52.10
16:00 20:30 21.29 41.25
17:00 21:30 21.29 41.25
21:00 02:30 21.29 41.25

This service stops at;
Playa De San Juan (11.00, 12.00 service only)
Novelda (11.00, 12.00 service only)
Elda (9.00 service only)
Villena (11.00, 12.00 service only)
Almansa (11.00, 12.00, 21.00 service only)

Please check official bus web sites for accurate timetable info

Alicante Airport Bus to Benidorm Avd.Europa

Departure Arrival Cost One Way(Eur) Cost Return(Eur)
08:00 Approx 1 hour 8.00 16.00
09:00 10:00 8.00 16.00
10:00 11:00 8.00 16.00
11:00 Approx 1 hour 8.00 16.00
12:00 13:00 8.00 16.00
13:00 14:00 8.00 16.00
14:00 Approx 1 hour 8.00 16.00
15:00 16:00 8.00 16.00
16:00 17:00 8.00 16.00
17:00 Approx 1 hour 8.00 16.00
19:00 20:00 8.00 16.00
21:00 22:00 8.00 16.00
23:00 00:00 8.00 16.00

This service stops at;
Benidorm (Bus Station)

Please check official bus web sites for accurate timetable info

Alicante Airport Bus to Madrid EST.SUR
Departure Arrival Cost One Way(Eur) Cost Return(Eur)
08:00 15:30 48.00 92.00
09:00 17:35 36.95 71.01
10:00 17:35 36.95 71.01
11:00 21:15 36.95 71.01
12:00 21:05 36.95 71.01
13:00 21:05 36.95 71.01
14:00 23:00 48.00 92.00
15:00 23:00 48.00 92.00
16:00 23:05 36.95 71.01
17:00 00:05 36.95 71.01
21:00 06:00 36.95 71.01
23:00 06:30 48.00 92.00

This service stops at;
Playa de San Juan (10.00, 11.00)
Alicante (9.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 21.00, 23.00 services only)
Novelda (11.00 services only)
Elda (11.00 services only)
Villena (11.00 services only)
Almansa (11.00, 21.00 services only)
Albacete (11.00, 14.00, 15.00, 21.00 services only)
Mota del Cuervo (11.00,21.00 services only)
Quintanar De La Orden (11.00, 21.00 services only)
Madrid EST.SUR

Please check official bus web sites for accurate timetable info

Alicante Airport Bus to Murcia

Departure Arrival Cost One Way(Eur) Cost Return(Eur)
07:15 08:00 4.36 7.85
09:15 10:00 4.36 7.85
09:15 10:00 4.36 7.85
11:15 12:00 4.36 7.85
11:15 12:00 4.36 7.85
13:15 14:00 4.36 7.85
13:15 14:00 4.36 7.85
15:15 16:00 4.36 7.85
15:15 16:00 4.36 7.85
17:15 18:00 4.36 7.85
17:15 18:00 4.36 7.85
19:15 20:00 4.36 7.85
19:15 20:00 4.36 7.85
20:15 21:00 4.36 7.85
21:15 22:00 4.36 7.85
21:15 22:00 4.36 7.85

This service stops at;
Murcia only

Further Information: Subus

Now, I found it really easy to find out the information from ALSA about their service, their stops and their timetable. There is also another Alicante Airport bus Company which will allow you to travel to more local areas.

Their web site is not in English. Even if you do speak Spanish it is an extremely confusing website to navigate around!

Their main bus is the C6 which departs from the number 29 bus stop, directly outside the Airport (Terminal 1), and travels into Alicante City bus terminal (Estacion de Autobuses). It also stops at the Alicante City train station (Estacion Renfe) and connects with the Alicante TRAM.

Alicante Airport Bus Timetable

The timetable is printed on the bus stop outside the Airport and the buses seem to depart every 45 minutes. It takes approx. 40 minutes to get into the City, so it is a slow service.

Once you are on the C6 it is 11 stops to the Alicante train station (Estacion Renfe), it is 14 stops to the Alicante bus station (Estacion de Autobuses). It is 17 stops to the TRAM station at 'Mercado', where the Line 1 and Line 3 TRAM lines start from.The last stop of the C6 bus route is at the Plaza Puerta del Mar. From here you can catch the TRAM at Playa del Postiguet (the beach). This is the TRAM Line 4.

A map of the C6 bus stops in Alicante city

View C6 Bus Stops in Alicante in a larger map

If your destination differs to anywhere I have mentioned here then before taking the bus I suggest that you double check at the Valencia Tourist Information Desk in the Arrivals area for details on exactly how to get to your destination.

Otherwise, take the Alicante Airport bus to the Alicante main bus station. When you are there go to the main ticket counter for information and your ticket.

Please note, if you are catching a bus from the main bus station in Alicante City you do need to purchase your ticket in advance of getting on the bus!

Improvements at Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport is undergoing improvements at the moment. Terminal 2 is being built (currently part operational) and roads are being widened around the Airport, all to cope with the increasing amount of passengers that are pouring into the Costa Blanca.

The bus services have been criticised in some quarters of the Spanish press and there has been a demand for an improved service. It does seem as if improvement of the bus service is in the planning but it is not there yet. So if you have chosen the bus as your Airport transfer option then please do keep this in mind.

.... and lastly some useful Spanish to help you 'on the buses'!

English Spanish Pronunciation Hear the Spanish
Do you speak English? Habla ingles? (abla eengles)
Where is the bus stop? Donde esta la parada? Don-des-tah la par-ah-da?
How much is it to... ? Cuanto cuesta ir a...? (kwanto kwesta eer ah)
A ticket to... please Por favor, un billete para... Paw fab-or oon bee-yet-A parra
How long will the journey take? Cuanto hay de viaje? (kwanto eye day bee-a-hay)
Next stop La proxima parada La prok-sim-ah parr-ah-da
Is this seat taken? Es este asiento libre? Es est-ay ah-see-en-toh lee-bray?
Where is...... from here? Donde esta......desde aqui? Don-day es-ta.... des-day ah-key?
It's hot in here, do you mind if I open the window? Hace mucho calor, le importa si abro la ventana? Ah-thay moo-ch-ho cal-or, lay im-por-ta see ah-bro la ben-tah-nah?

The Spanish do like it if you try to speak their language, so don't be embarrassed and do give it a go! You will soon get into the swing of it :-)

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