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Alicante Airport Car Parking

There are two options for Alicante Airport Parking.

Note that this page is due to be updated with the airports new layout. Please check official sites for accurate information

On-site parking and off-site parking.

The Car Park at Alicante Airport (opposite Terminal 1) has a capacity for 2000 vehicles (on two levels). It is located directly opposite the Arrivals and Departures areas of Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is due for completion in 2011, however it is currently partially operational. Opposite the terminal are two car parks, a short term car park and a long stay car park.

On-site parking has the obvious advantage of being extremely convenient but it has the disadvantage of being expensive if you are parking on a long-term basis!

Click this link to see a map of the local off-site car parks near Alicante Airport

Alicante Airport Parking - Short Term

Alicante Car Parking

The Short Term Parking costs are quite reasonable. If you are collecting someone from Alicante Airport, or are dropping someone off, then the on-site Parking option is a good one.


The costs that can currently be expected (as of June 2008) are as follows;

First 30 minutes Up to 0.61 €
First hour Up to 0.98 €
Second + hours Up to 1.60 €
Daily Maximum (first 0-4 days) 17.45 €
Daily Maximum 5 + days 13.95 €

If you are parking your car in the car park opposite Terminal 1 don't forget that there is an upper level.

On the official Alicante Airport website it details the costs as follows;

"From minute 0 to minute 30, 0.020600 Euro per minute;
from minute 31 to minute 60, 0.032617 Euro per minute;
from minute 61, 0.026513 Euro per minute;
daily maximum up to four days 17.45 Euro;
daily maximum as from the fifth day, 13.95 Euro"

Crikey! Get your calculator out moment or what? Easier to use my table above.

Alicante Airport Parking - Long Term

The costs for Long Term Parking are as follows;

Daily Maximum (first 0-4 days) 17.45 €
Daily Maximum 5 + days 13.95 €

The first 4 days would therefore work out at 69.80 €
7 days would work out as 111.65 €
10 days would work out as 153.50 €
14 days would work out as 209.30 €
(Costs correct as of June 2008)

Quite an expensive option for Long Term Parking I am sure you will agree. But don't worry there are other options available to you if you need Long Term parking.

Paying for Alicante Airport Parking

Caja Automatica, Car Park pay machine

On the way into the Car Park you will be given a ticket at the barrier. Don't leave it in your car and don't lose it!

You will need to pay for the Car Park before you return to your car. The Pay Points are conveniently located as you exit the Departures area and there are a few directly across the road from Terminal 1 before you reach the Car Park itself.

Finally there are also some in the Car Park.

There are so many Pay Points you don't have the excuse of driving to the exit and forgetting to pay!

Alicante Airport Parking - Off-site options

You don't have to park in the on-site parking area. You can use off-site parking. There is a lot of choice available to you and it is very competitive.

For example, you can get 1 days parking for as little as 10 € and a week for 33 €.

Details of these companies are as follows;

Company name Web address
Aupa Parking
Claus Parking
Umbrella Parking
Alicante Airport Long Term Parking S.L.
New Parking
Parking Ascars
Roberto Car
Royal Parking 965 683 360
Victoria Parking

Royal Parking doesn't have a website. If you decide to call them, you may find the following information useful;

Carretera Alicante-Murcia KM 731
03320 Elx / Elche, Spain
Directions from Alicante Airport to Royal Parking - take the N340, then follow the CV84

Off-site Alicante Airport Parking Costs

So that you can see how competitive these car companies are when compared to the on-site parking option I have visited each website. I have obtained a quote, where possible, for 1 week in August 2008 (2nd August).

These quotes were obtained in June 2008.

Company name Cost for 1 week Other Information
Umbrella Parking 33 € (updated July 2010) Includes free shuttle service, a basic carwash and a sheltered parking lot. Tel No : 627 608 858
Claus Parking 33 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service. Also has indoor car parking for 1000 cars.
Aqua Car Parking 33 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service. Includes free exterior Car Wash
Aupa Parking 34 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service
Coastline 37 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service. Includes complimentary car wash
Alicante Airport Long Term Parking S.L. 35 € Discounts for OAPs, organisations and loyal customers.
New Parking No Costs detailed on website Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service. 3 minutes from Alicante Airport
Parking Ascars 41 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service
Roberto Car 43 € Outside 00.00 - 07.00h 20 € extra for Alicante Airport Shuttle service
Royal Parking 965 683 360 Check with Company Directly
Victoria Parking 35 € Free Alicante Airport Shuttle service

Please do check the website of the car Companies above before booking with them and pay particular attention to their Terms and Conditions (or in the case of Royal Parking speak to them directly).

And finally.....

when leaving your car at the off-site Alicante Airport parking remember the following pieces of advice;

  • Do not to leave any valuables in the car (clothes, mobile phones, documents etc.)

  • Do not leave anything on show in the car which might invite a theft (regardless of whether it is valuable or not)

  • If you pay for the parking in advance then print off 2 copies of your payment receipt. One copy for when you drop the car off and another for when you collect it

Most importantly when you collect your car from the off-site Alicante Airport parking do check it thoroughly before leaving the compound (even if it is dark). If there are any problems with your car you need to log your complaint (in writing) with the Company Representative before you leave the Car Park.

Map of off-site car parks near Alicante Airport

View Alicante Airport Parking in a larger map

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