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Milk Bottle

Are you Alicante Airport parents? Want to know what facilities they have? Where you can buy milk and nappies? What the baby change facilities are like?

We have an eleven year old and a three year old and we have been travelling to Alicante Airport for the last 10 years. So we have travelled with our children as they pass through the various stages!

Baby Change facilities

In Terminal 2 check in, there are toilets next to check in desks 62 and 63. These toilets have baby change facilities in both the ladies and the gents. This is not the case in all of the toilets.

The baby change facilities in most of the ladies toilets consist of a changing table attached to a wall with a bin located underneath. Whilst the changing tables have always been clean when I have used them, I would suggest making sure that you have a portable changing mat with you and your anti-bacterial wipes!

Breast feeding Rooms

There aren't any breast-feeding rooms, however the Spanish have a relaxed attitude to breast-feeding. It is socially acceptable to breast feed in public, including cafes, restaurants etc.

If you would rather breast-feed in private there are areas which are relatively quiet. I would head past gate 9 and 10, down the walkway towards Terminal 2. There is a cafe and opposite this there is a seating area which has always been relatively quiet when I have passed through.

The only other area I can suggest is behind Bentley's Bar BUT there can be smokers here (which of-course would make it completely unacceptable).

Alicante Airport parents - Milk

Milk can be warmed at most food outlets. However please note the following, I did not find anywhere to buy formula milk whilst at Alicante Airport. In Arrivals area of terminal 1 there is a pharmacy where nappies (small range of sizes) can be purchased but no formula milk.

In the departures lounge I could not find any formula milk available.

My suggestion:

When departing from a UK airport buy some milk cartons from your local store. Pack these in your suitcase (these are to be used on the return journey). Then find out the phone number of Boots the Chemist that is located beyond security (in the U.K. airport you are departing from). Pre-order cartons of milk formula to be collected once you are through security. These will then see you through to your destination in Alicante.


If you have toddlers or young children I am very disappointed to say that there isn't any entertainment for them. Alicante Airport does not have a creche facility or a play area specifically for youngsters. This is an area in which they are sadly lacking, behind other European airports. The only item that was 'entertainment' for my three year old was one of those 1 euro machines where you put in one euro and get a 'toy' out within an egg. This is located outside Bentley's Bar.

I also didn't see any highchairs on my latest visit. Alicante Airport Parents were using buggies as the highchair.

In summary, if you are prepared for your return journey you will be fine. Take books, games etc to keep the children entertained. Organise your own formula milk and take a changing mat!

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