Information for Alicante Airport Reduced Mobility Passengers

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If you are an Alicante Airport reduced mobility passenger you can procure assistance to help you with your journey.

Reduced Mobility Background

See our experience of the Alicante Airport reduced mobility service here

All European airports now need to offer assistance services for passengers with disabilities. This is in compliance with Regulation (EC) no. 1107/2006 of the European Parliament and had to be in place by July 26th 2008. Everyone should be able to utilise air services regardless of their mobility.


The services offered by the airport relate directly to the disability of the passenger. A summary is provided below:


You will require this service if you are entirely immobile and are not self-sufficient. You will require assistance with the following;

  • Accompanied to your seat
  • Complete personal assistance
  • Companion if journey is more than 3 hours long

You will require this service if you need help with the following:

  • Getting from the aircraft to the terminal

You are able to board and move around the airport on your own


you will require this service if you need help with:

  • Getting from the aircraft to the terminal
  • Help with boarding

You are self-sufficient within the aircraft and do not require assistance here


This service is available to you if you are hard of hearing / deaf


This service is available to you if you have visual difficulties

Alicante Airport Reduced Mobility - Booking the service

You will need to request this service at least 48 hours in advance. Ideally you should book this service when you book your flight through a travel agent or through an airline.

You can book the reduced mobility service by calling (0034) 902 404 704

or via the website:

At the Airport

Once booked you will be allocated a meeting point and meeting time.

There is an intercom based at the meeting point, use this to let the service operators know you have arrived.

You will be collected from this point.

Check in and boarding

You will be assisted during check-in and through security. you will be helped with baggage and personal needs until you are seated on the plane.

Arrival at destination

Should you require it you will be assisted with getting off the aircraft and helped with retrieving your luggage. You will then be taken to the meeting point at your destination airport.

Summary of Contact Details Tel: 0034 902 404 704 website:

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