Alicante Airport Terminal 2

Alicante Airport Terminal 2

Alicante Airport Terminal 2 has recently opened (2008) but isn't due to be fully completed until 2011. We recently used Terminal 2 to check in and were impressed with the new building.

There are a number of facilities in both terminals, however Terminal 2 is slightly sparse in some areas (especially as it isn't due to be completed until 2011!) and it is smaller than Terminal 1.

In the following information I have summarised the main facilities for Alicante Airport Terminal 2.

Note that this page is due to be updated with the airports new layout. Please check official sites for accurate information

Drop - off Zone

There is a drop-off zone outside Terminal 2 and the maximum stay allowed is 10 minutes.


Alicante Airport Terminal 2 Taxi

There are 2 taxis outside Terminal 2 at all times. More information about taxis can be found here.


Next to the Check-in desks 62 and 63 is a W.C. with baby change facilities in both the ladies and the gents.


There is a small cafe area located next to the tourist information.

Alicante Airport Terminal 2 Snack Bar

Once you have checked in you leave the check in area by going up the steps / escalator to Security.

Terminal 2 - Our Experience!

We recently flew home from Alicante Airport and went to Terminal 1 to check in (as usual). However the board informed us that we had to check in at Terminal 2. So we walked a short distance through the clearly signposted walkway to Terminal 2 (not a long walk at all).

When we reached the check - in desks for Terminal 2 we realised that Easyjet are now located in Terminal 2 (check in desk 50 to 61) Ryanair are located in 62 - 63 but I cannot say whether they were permanently located at these desks. Easyjet have set up their operations so that it is possible to check in at any of the desks for all destinations. Easyjet Speedy Boarding was located at check in desk number 52.

TIP: Alicante Airport gets extremely busy over the Summer months. We found being able to use the speedy boarding check is a huge advantage. If your budget can stretch to upgrade to this service we would recommend it. Especially if travelling with toddlers who just can't keep still!

Once through security you then follow the long walkway through to the Departures Lounge in Terminal 1. This situation may change at any moment. You may find that when you are travelling and departing from Alicante Airport yourself that you may depart from Terminal 2. Or you may have to walk to Terminal 1!

There was a W.C. immediately after security with a babychange facility and there was a cafe bar.

As you can see from the photo work is ongoing.

Alicante Airport Terminal 2 - Unfinished

The walkway then leads seamlessly into the Departures Lounge of Terminal 1.

Departing from Alicante Airport Terminal2 was a comfortable experience!

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