Moving to Spain - Part 10

The Decision to Move

Part 10

February 2001; we had been living in a villa for three and a half months; the realisation hit me that my life was similar to that in South Wales...BUT...with bright, sunny weather most of the time. A routine had been established: weekdays consisted of cleaning days, washing days and shopping days. Chores would be completed in the mornings leaving afternoons free for exploring the area, gardening and relaxing. In the evenings we tried to improve the quality of our learning by watching Spanish TV, especially news programmes. Saturday mornings we spent at the local vegetable market and afternoons I would follow football. We awaited Sundays with anticipation; a new walk, new people perhaps and chatter about experiences, a wealth of experiences.

It was amazing what was discussed on those walks, all for our benefit, incidentally – trying to help ME make up my mind. I shall be forever grateful to the Carry On Walking Society, Moraira.

  • Which was best – an independent (detached) property with a pool or a property situated on a community or urbanisation where a number of properties shared a pool and gardens?
  • If independent, maintenance of pool and gardens are the owners responsibility; if community they are not – owners pay community fees to employ a gardener and for pool maintenance.
  • A community is run by a committee of owners – can lead to bickering and disagreement.
  • Being independent could leave one isolated.
  • Always someone around to help on a community; will make many friends of all nationalities.

There were other things we noticed too eg electricity was much more practical and cleaner than gas where there was a need to buy bottles and constantly change them. Also Spanish villas are built open plan whereby rooms are not separated by doors and difficult to keep warm.

Discussions about money led us to believe that we would be able to live on the equivalent of £700/£800 monthly assuming that our property and car were paid for.

But the most sensible advice we received was “DON'T THINK ABOUT IT FOREVER – JUST DO IT!”

My wife had wanted to make the move two years previously but I was the one that held back. Now, taking everything into account I had reached that decision too. BUT, sadly not everything – what would be missing from our lives – our children and subsequently their families. We rang them with our plans and assuring us they would visit often they both said “GO FOR IT”

So we decided we would place our South Wales property on the market as soon as we returned but then as a afterthought we remembered that a family holiday for ten of us had been arranged in Florida in October 2001. How would this fit in? Do we cancel? Where will we be living in 6 months time? Could we really sell our home, go on holiday to Florida and then emigrate to Spain all in an orderly fashion without complications?..........................................

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