Moving to Spain - Part 8

Third winter in Spain

Part 8

In August 2000 it was time to book the ferry again for the end of October and the same hotel in Logrono to break our journey to the Costa Blanca. We thought we had our accommodation sorted out but we were wrong! We received a message from the agent in Calpe saying that the villa we really liked and reserved for five months had been sold and that the new owner was not interested in renting. The agent did say that they had a 2 bedroomed villa available in Moraira (a few miles further north) . After little discussion we decided to take it (unseen, of course).

On Saturday 28th October 2000 we repeated our journey south on the M5 towards Plymouth. That night we stayed at The Travel Inn situated on the A38 on the roundabout before you turn left to follow the river down to the harbour. We could hear the winds gusting outside and were getting concerned about the weather.

As we waited to board on the quayside the following day, Sunday, we were fearful of a rough crossing the weather was dreadful. We sailed but crossing the Bay of Biscay the ferry was buffeted so much we were confined to our cabins for our safety winds of Gale Force 10 were responsible. I am not one for being seasick but I had that dreadful feeling of queasiness which is impossible to get rid of you feel as if you want to be sick all the time this continued for 27 hours!! We docked in Santander 3 hours late and then we heard the stories: someone was so sick their cabin was uninhabitable and had to be relocated; another had a broken wrist; another a broken ankle. I am sure looking back that ferry should not have left Plymouth that day.

There was still no respite from the weather as we drove to Logrono because we were late it was pitch black and pouring with rain. We passed a few accidents around which we were guided by police with truncheon torches. The only way I can describe what they were holding is to compare with a baseball bat a handle with a bulbous end but in this case the bulbous end was lit up!. It was the first time we had seen such an object.

Were we glad to reach the safety of our hotel that night and it proved to be a real advantage to know specifically where it was because we were so tired.

As I lay in bed I reflected on the three ferry journeys from England to Spain and onwards - the ramp not coming down on the first, the Guardia Civil incident on the second and now the third beset with seasickness. Yet travelling the opposite way occurred without mishap!

The following day we travelled from Logrono to Calpe as, not knowing where the villa was, our agent had to show us. Again it was dark and we seemed to follow him forever along a winding coastal road to Moraira and he was difficult to keep up with. But we arrived safely, made a bed for the night and did the unpacking in the morning. We discovered later, in daylight, that the drive between Calpe and Moraira is the most beautiful stretch of the Costa Blanca imaginable BUT there are 62 bends to negotiate and we should know we counted every one!!

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