Moving to Spain - Part 17


I am extremely grateful to my daughter for giving me the opportunity to recall our experiences over a period of nearly four years. I thank her for keeping me busy and out of mischief for the last 10 days or so!!

With special thanks to my wife, Sheenagh, for her valuable input and for proof reading. In Wales she was a severe victim of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but her life has improved a thousand fold in the bright sunny winters of the Costa Blanca.

And to the Spanish people who we have found very friendly, accommodating and extremely tolerant we respect your laws and customs and if you have been offended in any way in the telling of this story I apologise.

We have lived in the same house in La Nucia for 6 years and we still drive the Megane we purchased in early 2002. The ongoing support we have from our children and their families is invaluable. We have no regrets.

David Williams
La Nucia
31 July 2008

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Moving to Spain
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Part 10 - The Decision to Move
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Part 12 - Leaving Home
Part 13 - Buying a Car...(or not!)
Part 14 - The Perfect House
Part 15 - Completing on the house
Part 16 - Moving In

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